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Kendric changing matter

today in reading we did changing matter and this is what i did.

Good sport animation

today in PB4L we did a good sports animation because some people at school dont wanna share the ball so they try to keep it for themself keep it for themself And this is what i did.

Kendric observation

Today in inquiry we did a experiment on rasins we got a jar we got sprite we gat some rasins and some cashews first we poured the sprite into the jar after that we put in some  rasins then they stated bouncing up and down the we put the cashews i n and they stayed at the top untill we mixed it the rasins stayed at the bottom and the cashews still stayed and this is what i did.

today for inquiry we put ice cubes on a plate to see with one would melt the fastest one had salt one had tin foil and a regular one so far the salt and tin foil were vs each other . then the salt stoped melting then started melting again then it was regular vs salt after that the regular won and then we went on our chromebooks and opend a template and we also had to make a team of four and i was with my friends after the template we had to blog it and this is what i did.


BKFMD What is Instulation

Today we did sience and we did a project to see with ice cube melts the fastest one had salt one had tin fopil and just a regular one one so far salt was winning then it was salt vs tinfoil the salt stop for a little bit and then it started melting again then at the end it was regular vs salt and the regular won after that we had to go on a DLO then we had to write what instulation was and thats what i did i also got into a team of four with my friends and this is what i did.